The contemporary way of life, ubiquitous stress, unhealthy eating, and environmental pollution generate many scalp and hair issues. Our Centre offers you help with most common scalp and hair problems:  

Hair loss

Hair loss is a multifactorial issue. It can be caused by unhealthy eating habits, various deficiencies, past diets, stress, blood circulatory disorders, endocrine disruption, systemic diseases, medications, or scalp diseases. Effective formulations for hair loss should stimulate circulation in the scalp (nourishing and supplying the hair bulbs with oxygen), contain valuable substances that nourish the hair bulbs (amino acids, peptides), substances regulating the cycle of the hair follicle (vitamins, minerals), and keep the skin healthy – all at the same time.



Dandruff results from excessive proliferation (division) of skin cells the effect of which is the desquamation of the epidermis. Every irritant factor, like growing microorganisms on the skin, dryness, skin irritations caused by inadequate cosmetics, can lead to the desquamation of epidermis. Dandruff can also appear in the form of dry dandruff (white dry flakes) or oily dandruff (excess of callused layer of epidermis clinging to the scalp). An effective dandruff treatment should include an exfoliating substance (peeling), anti-dandruff and moisturizing preparations that restore the natural pH of the skin.



Seborrhoea is a skin condition caused by excessive activity of sebaceous glands. This excessive greasing of the scalp can be caused by genetic load, hormonal changes, improper scalp and hair care, poor diet, overheating of the scalp, too frequent removal of hydro-lipid barrier of the scalp (frequent shampooing with inadequate products). Effective anti-seborrhoea treatment should include products with will deeply clean the follicles from sebum build-up (peeling), anti-sebum shampoo (regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands), and a moisturizer that restores the proper pH of the scalp (lotions, ampoules). It is worth keeping in mind that oily skin can be dry at the same time, so the skin-hydrating element is very important.




Sensitive skalp

Sensitive scalp requires appropriate targeted care. First and foremost, the shampoos used for sensitive skin should contain delicate detergents that do not harm the protective hydro-lipid barrier of the skin and its pH. In particular, sensitive scalp requires one to avoid hair conditioners and cosmetics with high alcohol content. After each shampooing, use preparations (ampoules, lotions) that protect the skin against harmful external factors and prevent and alleviate irritations. 


Dear Clients! Please keep in mind that scalp and hair issues are often the effects of systemic health conditions and, apart from targeted treatments, require consultations with physicians of various specialties.