Why dermocosmetics for hair and scalp?

The market abounds with hair and scalp products. Therefore, we wish to present to you a complete, professional selection of professional hair and scalp cosmetics.   

Thus, in our offer...

... you will find a broad range of dermocosmetics for problems on the scalp and with hair and cosmetics for hair treatment, hair care and styling.

We offer various shampoos, ampoules, lotions, conditioners, masks, peelings for the scalp, hair colour stain protectors, natural products for hair care and styling, safe hair dyes, antistatic combs, natural bristle brushes, scalp massagers, and derma rollers. You can also find unique, specialist formulae unavailable in regular drugstores, hairdressing supplies stores or even pharmacies. It is a place where every one can find something suitable for their hair and scalp, both with no problems and those deal with problematic scalp and hair.  


We are experts in the matter. For eight years now we have been running a trichology clinic in Kraków that offers a number of solutions for those who struggle with various scalp issues, primarily hair loss, a hair transplant being the main procedure.